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Unlock the power of basketball analytics with DRBLstats by BTE Analytics.

Make your fantasy sports league or team stand out from the crowd with nuanced advanced analytics.

Devin Green (Former NBA Player)

“I would go as far as to say this analytics program is ground breaking. For players to learn and implement this system, increasing their IQ is simply amazing. The sky's the limit and I look forward to seeing how this program changes the game I love forever.”

Devin Green (Former NBA Player)


Track basketball stats.

With DribbleStats, you can easily track your dribbling stats in real-time and compare it to the performance of other players.

“When top players perform well in college it was hard to predict what they would do in the pros until now.”

Feature Review

Adrian Woodard (Former D1 Player & Professional Trainer)

Track basketball stats

Get insight into your game.

Our analytics engine takes a deeper look into your dribble performance. We provide insights into your game, showing your dribbling performance and how you stack up against the competition and how to improve your game.

Get insight into your game

A Deeper Look.

"BTE analytics offer insights on the game of basketball that I have not encountered anywhere else."

Feature Review

Gunnar Gräsbeck (M.A Sports Science, Ph.D Student at Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln)


"The new dribble metrics enable me to know which players are more valuable toward the end of the season based on their efficiency when defenses tighten up."

Ty Owens


How much does it cost?

Email an expert at [email protected]

Who is this for?

Our analytics are used to help fantasy models, professional teams, and individual players beat out their competition.

What makes this different?

We are the only product on the market that provides unique dribble data for both individual and combo moves.

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A note from our founder.

My mom and dad met on a basketball court at Hampton University. He said that my mom would cross him over and make a pull up jump shot. This was the day that DRBLstats was born.
This is where ankle breakers are made famous...

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